Expect Something Extra

PHK had the pleasure of visiting with Harper on Melrose during our west coast tour.  Harper is a special place, from the majestic blue entry doors, to the intoxicating energy of the team. With the combined power of their talent, knowledge of the industry and depth of experience, co-owners Carla Gentile, Nicole Hartmann and Nikki Pittam, created a new space clients, now friends, can call home. 

Nestled among the artisan shops and emerging cultural district of West Hollywood, CA, "Harper," Scottish for patient and brave, is a wide-open, loft-like building with high ceilings, exposed brick walls and tall accordion glass doors that open out to the sidewalk like a French cafe.  "Our clients come here to feel nurtured, not pressured and we want them to carry that feeling with them when they leave," says Nicole.

LA's newest women-owned salon, transforms their clients with their daring approach.  "Harper has a deep connection to the vibe of Los Angeles, the modern and nonconformist spirit of it," says Carla, former owner of Steam Salon.  "We create styles that stand out, but also styles our clients feel confident enough to wear," says Nikki. Expect something extra at Harper on Melrose and leave there a stand out.