Hi guys this is Alejandro, founder of Today I would like to talk about how to create that "PERFECT PONY". First lets just be honest, ponytails are HARD! It took me a few years to master and I still get rusty if I don’t PRACTICE! Working for Bumbleandbumble and wanting to be the best at everything I did really pushed me to master the technique. Of course a few looks from other stylist that clearly said "dam that is a shitty pony tail girl" helped me want to be better. Here we are today though and I would say a bit of hard love from my teachers has paid of. 

Ok so back to the "Perfect Pony". First off, for those of you who think you can do hair without good product I say...BULLSHIT. All hair in a salon, on the runway and on a shoot needs the right product. You might have great hair on its own, but product makes it amazing! So for this look I recommend 3 of my must haves by Bumbleandbumble. PREP, THICKENING HAIRSPRAY AND DOES IT ALL (trust me it really "DOES”)

Second and of course my faves are TOOLS. Don't be fooled, no two brushes are created equally or clips for that matter. This is why I created PROHAIRKIT in the first place. I was tired of seeing people using bad tools because they did not have access to the right things. So what we will need is a Y.S.Park 336 comb, Delorme Bungees to hold the pony, a Janeke Classic Flat brush to smooth out the hair and brush into submission and a Styling Brush by Delorme to make it PERFECT. All of which you can find in our SHOP except of course for a blow dryer that you will need as well.

Now lets get this started shall we? Starting off with nice clean hair apply your product starting with Prep evenly in sections from roots to ends. Then follow that with Thickening Hairspray. Comb all your product through with your Y.S.Park comb before starting. Begin drying the hair with your hands starting at the root and working down to the ends while directing the hair toward the placement of the ponytail.  Finish with a nice Flat brush blow-dry while again directing the hair to your desired placement.

Here comes the hard part... trying not to move your hand to much while getting all the hair into the right placement. Make sure every strand of hair is going in the same direction. Seems easy enough right? Wrong.... This will take PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE. Its one thing to get the hair in a bungee its another to get the "Grain" of the hair to all go in the same direction.

Once you have all the hair perfectly in your hand, take your Delorme Bungee and begin by hooking it at the bottom of the Pony. Wrap it around and around until its tight and you or your client feels like they just had an instant face lift or it hurts. Beauty is pain darling, lol. No really, it has to be tight but don’t hurt the girl.

Now take one LITTLE bit of hair from underneath what’s left out to hide the DELORME bungee. Saturate the strand with the Bumbleandbumble Does it All Spray and I mean WET it. This will act as a glue and should hold the hair by itself if done right. Wrap the hair around till you have none left and spray again with hairspray. Use your blow dryer to seal the product. Finish of with your Delorme Styling Brush if there are any little hairs out of place.