Helping the Homeless: PROHAIRKIT Teams Up with Humble Hairdressers

Reaching out to those in need is one of the most rewarding experiences possible. According to Volunteers of America, over 670,000 Americans are homeless, and 48 million people go hungry every night. With staggering figures like these, it’s the perfect time to reach out to the needy . . . even the smallest act of kindness can touch hearts and change lives. 

 This summer, PROHAIRKIT joined forces with Humble Hairdressers in North Carolina to offer volunteer hair styling services for the less fortunate in the Asheville community.

 Humble Hairdressers was founded in the Spring of 2016 by Jordan Carlson and two other stylists from Wink Salon in Asheville, and offers no-charge haircuts to the less fortunate in the surrounding area. “We are a group of licensed cosmetologists donating our time and craft to help spread beauty and love,” says Carlson. “Our goal is to shift perception, one cut at a time.”

 Humble Hairdressers events are held twice a month, and stylists spend about three hours volunteering for 40 haircuts during each event. The network of stylists is growing rapidly, and the organization plans to increase events and number of haircuts offered. The group has received an outpouring of support through social media, and stylists now number over a dozen. welcomes the opportunity to give back to the community, and began volunteering styling services with Humble Hairdressers this summer. “Having the opportunity to do what I love while helping those in need is a no brainer,” says owner and founder Alejandro Jimenez. “A good hair cut can help shift a person’s whole outlook on life. If I can be the ripple that starts a wave, then I know it is all worth it.”

 All are welcome at the Humble Hairdressers events. The main focus has been working with the homeless, and events are held at a venue that also serves meals to the needy while several stylists cut hair. “One thing I didn't anticipate,” notes Carlson, “was the power of giving homeless people a choice. They are so accustomed to taking whatever people will just give them, not getting what they ask for. So to be able to give them any cut they want is empowering to them as well as us.”

 Although Humble Hairdressers only offers haircuts right now, they anticipate expanding with events that include hair coloring. The group is currently filing all necessary paperwork to become a 501(c) nonprofit organization.

 Are you interested in learning more about Humble Hairdressers or how to volunteer to help this worthy cause? Contact at 917-924-0972, and highlight the lives of those less fortunate!

Photo Credit: Steve Freedman Photography


Step into Our ART Gallery: Announces New Line of ARTist Brushes

Check out the bustling ART scene at! We’re celebrating our new ARTist Brush Collection, a trendy addition to our line of luxury professional styling tools. The super cool ARTist hairbrushes are handmade in Italy by Janeke and feature boar and nylon bristles with a glossy black finish. Each of the stunning ARTist brushes showcases a colorful art decal made of industrial-strength vinyl, similar to the vinyl used on race cars.

Alejandro Jimenez, owner and founder of, believes the hairdressing profession is, in itself, a unique art form. “As a hair stylist, I feel that the art of hairdressing can easily be compared to other forms of art. Stylists use their creativity and imagination to design, sculpt and work with hair each and every day.” currently offers six spectacular art images in the new ARTist Brush Collection:

Purple Rain: Paying homage to music legend Prince

The Bowie: A tribute to music icon David Bowie

Style Setter: Celebrates the hair stylist and inspired by PROHAIR KIT’s “The Style Setter”

Pulse: Honoring the memory of the Orlando shooting victims and LGBT community

Dreamcatcher: An explosion of colors recognizing the stylist’s work and gamut of colors used

Los Muertos: A Day of the Dead design for the true rebel

Our ARTist Collection will be updated periodically with exciting new ART designs, and the brushes sell at $85 each. “I want to celebrate the moment with the ARTist Collection of brushes, and plan to keep the designs current with trends and our times,” notes Alejandro Jimenez.

If you’re looking for professional hairbrushes with fabulous ART designs, view our collection at You’ll create a beautiful finish to your masterpiece with a ARTist brush!