EDUCATION is and continues to be a VITAL part of hairdressing. We hear from salon owners and hairdressers alike a NEED for INSPIRATION, CREATIVITY and ACCESSIBILITY to classes. creator, Alejandro Jimenez, agrees.  Alejandro has spent the better part of his career educating on cutting, styling and hair product optimization. " How can ANY stylist be there very best and elevate there craft without the right tools."



PRIVATE IN-SALON SESSIONS has two private in-salon sessions: THE STRAIGHT EDGE and STYLE SETTERTHE STRAIGHT EDGE is a customized razor cutting session and is available in three levels: Intro, Revisit or Advanced. STYLE SETTER is a styling session customized with an area of focus: Braiding, Editorial or Classic French Hairdressing. Both include DEMO, HANDS-ON and of course tools! Learn from PHK creator and ProEducator, Alejandro Jimenez, the tools and techniques of the trade. 

To book your PRIVATE IN-SALON SESSION, please email us at